Canal Boat Holidays In the heart of Cheshire – Cruising UNAFFECTED by the Middlewich breach.

About Us

Hello, and welcome to Venetian hire boats.  We are Phil and Maxine Roberts, and along with Dave the Dog, we own and run the business.

We have been cruising the canals for years in our own boat and love the tranquillity of the English countryside when we can get away. As part of the wider family of Venetian Hireboats, Dave the dog loves everyone and enjoys his role as Chief Rabbit spotter and everyone’s best friend. Phil loves bacon butties on the back of the boat and canal side pubs, while Maxine revels in the quiet starlit nights and wildlife spotting. (Dave’s No 1 helper at spotting bunnies)

Ventian Hire Boats with Pets
However, there are a few things about canal cruising that have been niggling us for years, like tiny beds (we are both over 6 ft) cramped kitchens, (we don’t call them galley’s, we are not on the Atlantic), terrible TV reception when we want to watch Match of the Day and having to drive to a shop before the holiday starts because we have forgotten something… like towels because they are still in the tumble drier.

So when we were offered the opportunity of setting up a new business running the services, setting up a Chandlery and putting a small hire fleet together, we jumped at the chance. We decided to do it so that we could provide all the comfort in a canal holiday that we like and yet that so many people do not enjoy. We also remembered being annoyed by all of the extra charges added to our own holidays when we tried to book in the past so we came up with a plan.

To make all of our holidays as easy and comfortable as possible, from the moment of booking. That included no surcharges, (at all –  FULL STOP) BIG BEDS so we can stretch out and wake up refreshed instead of with cramp, a TV system that actually works, a hot water bottle for when we want just a bit of extra warmth but not full central heating, and a slow cooker so that dinner is ready when we stop. We also remembered getting on the boat and not having any cool beer or white wine so part of our plan is to make sure that there are a few bottle of beer and a bottle of wine ready for when you set off. We try to be different and friendly and we try to make you comfortable and relaxed.

Of course, being able to set up the shop and Chandlery has also given us the opportunity to enter into a more relaxed working lifestyle than our previous jobs and it is what we enjoy doing.

We like to think of ourselves as small but beautifully formed and being privately owned we are not encumbered by Corporate rules. If you want something different, and we can provide it, we will.


How to find us.

You can find us at the Venetian Marina, Cholmondeston, Nantwich CW5 6DD.

And you can contact us by email: